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Related post: Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 22:49:04 -0500 From: ray writer Subject: Ray and Alex, Part 3 In Bed nude modelling agencies with Alex They both got their plates out and served them, they ate a lot, Ray was full and so was Alex, because afterwards they both slouched on the cute asian model love seat to digest their food. After about and hour of skipping through the channels, assure models Alex started talking to me about why he had broken up with his wife. I listened to his deep voice, 15yo young models oh how I loved that voice. "So what you're saying is that you trutech model pvs21175s1 were not happy with her," I said, "Yes, I wasn't happy, av model nude actually sexy italian models I don't think I'll be happier nude redheaded models with any woman at all." I looked at him, wondering at panty fashion models what he had just said. He looked at me, he knew what he had said, and svetlana childmodel nude knew that I had knew what he had meant. It was clear, HE WAS GAY. "You're lucky you got to know who you are nude breast models at such an early age." He said bobbie young model to me gravely. "It's never too late to find out." He looked at me, and I looked back. What a hot face he had. I glanced at the clock eleven it read. We kept quite for a couple of minutes, I yawned, he looked at me and said, "You want to go to bed, I'm tired myself," "yeah just bring me a blanket and a pillow and I'll stay here." I replied. "Are you kidding, no, you're going to bed you'll preeteen super model sleep black model pussy in my bed I wont little modelz let you sleep on the couch." He said to me almost angry. "Oh ok" I said He turned off the television. They walked to his bedroom at the same time. Ray took off his jeans and his shirt and stayed in his boxers. He did the same mature male models what a hot body he had six packs, smooth chest, and legs a woman would envy, he was just lia model toplist gorgeous. Ray was nervous, women models stripping although he tried to hide it he was breathing hard, and very fast. Ray laid down, breathing harder than usual. "Are you all right there Ray?" Alex asked attentively. "Yeah, I'm bianca beauchamp topmodel fine just a little nervous." "Why are you nervous, have I done something, do you want to sleep alone jacqueline teen model here I'll to go the couch." Alex said, No, no," said Ray almost instantly, "It's just that I've child model little never slept with someone before especially someone like you." "Someone like me, how?" asked Alex. "Well you know attractive like you." Said Ray. Alex chuckled model babes gallery and said, "You bikini models wanted find me attractive?" "Yes very" replied Ray. Ray felt himself breathing a little easy now. "Tell me something Ray." Said Alex. "Are you a virgin?" Ray looked at Alex surprises; he did not believe that Alex had asked him that question. But then again he didn't believe he was in bed lsm butterflies models with someone nonude modelstoplist that he was so attractive to and that someone was gay as well. "Yes" said Ray half ashamed, half excited. Alex stood quite for a second. Then unexpectedly he turned to Ray and kissed him. Ray was stunned he felt beuty models numb, he could not believe what had just happened. russian young models Alex had teen fashon model kissed him and he had returned the alina model kiss. "Alex..." Ray started teen models babes saying but Alex put a finger on his lips and shushed him. nune teen models He knelt on the bed in front of Ray, he tried to sit up but Alex didn't let him. Ray was trembling, he was shaking his whole body was he was so nervous. Alex crouched over him and kissed him again, Ray kissed him back. He slowly ran his teen supermodel toplist hand down Ray's abdominal area reaching his boxers. Alex inserted his hand inside the boxers and started stroking Ray's eight inch semi-hard dick. Ray was ecstatic, he was trembling from fear and pleasure. Both at the same time he amateur modeling gallery did teen images models not know what vladmodels gallery to feel. Alex stopped kissing him and moved down slowly licking his body all bcm maturity model the way to his already hard cock. And so like this Ray felt for the first time in his teeny models japan life the pleasure of fellatio. Ray was trembling from top to bottom. He could not move, the pleasure was so intense that it paralyzed him momentarily. Alex went up and down. Ray was trying to hold model usenet teen it; somehow he knew that if he came too bdsm model gallery quickly it would ruin the moment. But no matter, Ray could sierrachildmodel com not hold it, and he came on Alex's mouth, while giving a long moan of pleasure. "Sorry" said Ray. He hadn't meant to come on Alex's mouth. 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Ray opened up his child model agents eyes, the most beautiful cock that he had seen in the world was adiult web models standing in front of him. erotik girl modell About 9 inches, maybe 10 webmodel tgp just beautiful. famous bikini model Rosy sex model litle color, little models pedo and uncut. Ray looked up and Alex said, "it's ok don't be nervous. imageboard ls model Take it with your hand and just kiss it." Ray did as he was told. Ray young teenl models could hardly rap models girls wrap indianmodelsmessages his hand around Alex's member. yaung girlsmodels gallery Ray kissed it, it was warm. "Good boy," said Alex. "now open up and put it in your mouth. Ray did as he was told, his heart beating a hundred times faster, he body trembling. Yet he did it, Ray opened up his mouth and inserted Alex's beautiful member into his mouth. This was good, Ray's first time, he loved it, it didn't taste like anything yet Ray loved it. he didn't know why. And by the looks of it Alex was enjoying it as well, because bikini models tied he was moaning, which was making Ray harder and making him wilimena models go harder and harder. After about ten minutes, Ray was a little tired of doing it. he looked up at Alex, and said, young gilrs models "my jaw hurts," Alex model teen tiny chuckled and said "it's ok." And he took ray by his hair and started jaking off, until he came on Ray's face. cgi ls models It was so good, Ray was just ls models pedofilia happy, that warm sweet cum from Alex's cock was just nude 14yo models awesome. Ray stood up with his nn super model face wet with cum. Alex kissed him, licked small model aircraft his own cum off Ray's face. And kissed him again. He hugged Ray and said, "Do you want to have sex nude hmong models with me, do sevina model child you want to have me inside you?" Ray could not believe Alex was asking him that, he just couldn't this could not be real, "yes, I nn perteen models want naked modeling you, I always have. I've nude youth models always wanted you since the first day I met you." Said Ray, Alex smiled and model harrington said "lay on your back." Ray did so. Alex came towards him, his member hard as stone. He looked at Ray and said, "I want teenie modeles you to tell me to stop if eva teenmodel it hurts, it will in the beginning, but then it'll be fine." Ray nodded. and with that done, Alex slowly very slowly entered him. Ray felt Alex's member enter, him, slowly ripping through his virgin ass. He angel model tgp was in pain, oh yes. Ray was in pain, it wasn't a very hard pain, but it hurt like hell. Ray closed his eyes, "do you want me to stop?" Alex topless playboy model asked, "No" Ray said at once. "Keep going". Alex kept supermodels celebrities going, young models picture slowly, in and out, Ray could not hold it, and the pain was too much. He didn't want Alex to youngtopless models stop, because after all he was pleasing the man that he'd always liked. "Wait" said Ray. super model yuong Alex stopped. He took it out, Ray sighed and said "OK keep going." Alex did as he playtoy model pics was told. Only that gstring model this time, Ray didn't want him to go slow, he wanted Alex to go fast, Ray didn't feel pain, he felt both pain and pleasure. But the pleasure was more. Alex kept going faster and faster, he started moaning, and so did Ray. Their moans of pleasure filled the room, Alex went faster and Ray's pleasure intensified, he was ecstatic, he never would've thought he could feel this way. He nn model female had been missing something so good for preeen models csm the last couple of years of his life. Suddenly Alex picked Ray up and threw him against the wall. His hard sandra teen modelforum cock in his ass and Ray's legs around lenmark model x1240 his back, Ray grabbed Alex, bit his shoulder, it felt so good. He wanted Alex to never leave him, christinamodel nude he wanted Alex to never stop. model agence teen Alex kissed his ear, nylons model and then kissed him in the mouth. Alex threw Ray back in bed but now on Ray's stomach, got on top of him, and entered him. Alex kissed Ray's back slowly as he fucked him hard. He started slowing down, slowly, slowly, until he moaned and whispered in Ray's ears, "I'm coming" Ray turned on models petite pictures his back, and opened his mouth. Alex put his ugly models hard cock close to Ray's mouth and started stroking it. Within a couple of minutes Alex was shooting his juice on Ray's face. It was warm, and Ray loved it. Alex threw himself onto the bed, looked at Ray and little swimsuit model said, "you're teen model boob still hard". Ray looked down, and preten models nude said, bella model nonude "yes, I am". Alex took Ray's hard cock and started stroking it. Ray started moaning, and Alex kissed him, it felt so good. Ray started breathing adultmovie models hard, he was christina model fucking coming, and Alex kept kissing him, "oohhh, aaahhhh," Ray moaned, and his man juice just shot out of his dick. Alex laid back again. He looked at Ray. "Are you OK?" "Are you kidding me? I feel fucking awesome, I needed that" said Ray. Alex smiled, they both laid there for a couple of seconds, just looking up at the ceiling.
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